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After 11 years on the Dr. PhilI Show staff at Paramount Studios as a senior segment director, I've relocated to the Portland, Oregon area. While I still work for the show remotely from time to time, my concentration has been on expanding my production company that I've owned and operated since 2004. My area of expertise is producing and directing compelling video that illuminates the extraordinary qualities of everyday people and reveals the authentic character of the people behind their businesses.


With over twenty five years of experience as a producer and director in television, I have worked in every area of production and post production. My experience includes producing and directing weekly docudrama segments for nationally syndicated programming, directing live multi-camera events, and producing and directing complete taped one hour shows. I am also an accomplished videographer and editor, having worked on hundreds of commercials, company profiles and visual web and social media presentations. I am comfortable and confident in all areas of production.

About Me

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